Posted by: marggran | November 3, 2009

How to Create Podcasts

I recently came across a handy article on how to create and distribute podcasts, generally using open source and tools.

Check out the information from Wesley Fyer at:

His definition of a podcast:

“is a “subscribeable” channel of media files which can include audio, video, and other file types. Simply posting an audio or video file to an Internet website does NOT technically equate to “podcasting.” To create a podcast, you not only must publish a media file online but also must “link” that media file within an RSS feed, to which others can subscribe to updates using podcatcher software like iTunes”.

He advocates the use of the following tools in creating and distibuting his podcasts:

  1. Audacity (free, cross-platform audio editor)
  2. iTunes (free, cross-platform, used to add ID3 meta tag information and podcast show art)
  3. FeedForAll ($40, cross-platform, creates and publishes RSS feed via ftp to your hosting server)
  4. WordPress (free CMS software, my blogging platform installed on my hosting site: Siteground)
  5. PodPress (free, plug-in for self-hosted WordPress installations, generates download statistics by episode along with flash player code for blog posts)
  6. Cyberduck (free ftp software for Mac, used to upload podcast files to my hosting server)


  1. Feedburner (creates the RSS feed for my podcast which is published, creates “chicklets” and feedcounters, is the RSS feed published to the iTunes Podcast Directory)
  2. iTunes Podcast Directory (accessed via the iTunes application, does NOT host podcast content but “points” to it with my submitted RSS feed from Feedburner)
  3. Feedburner Ping Page (updates a Feedburner feed by checking for updates immediately)
  4. B KB MB GB TB Converter (I need to enter podcast file size into FeedForAll in bytes, and this website converts MB to B for me)

Follow the article for more information.


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