Posted by: marggran | November 8, 2009

Tumby Bay Seminar

On 4 November, my colleague Janene Piip and I facilitated a seminar at Tumby Bay to introduce a group to a series of Web 2.0 tools which they might use for business and personal usage.  Of the tools displayed, Skype was found to be the most popular with most saying that they could see value in using this VOIP tool to contact both family, friends and business associates.

The group has completed a survey using Survey Monkey to experience how a survey tools can easily  provide feedback and market information in a timely manner.

Discussion around the use of email indicated that many still do not know how to use this universal tool effectively for both communication, networking and marketting.  This will be a target for future workshops in the local area.

Resources used at this Seminar:

Web 2 Tools for Business






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