Posted by: marggran | April 14, 2010


Mahara is an open source e_portfolio tool that is being widely used as a repository and testing ground for the implementation of e_portfolios to support learning, assessment and the development of life-long learning.

The VET SA site has provided a linked (single sign-in) pilot website for users of both Moodle and Mahara over the past few years.  Mahara users have used this site to pilot the use of e_portfolios and as a site for implementation of several of the Framework e-Portfolio projects.

Mahara is now updating its integration with Moodle so that Assessment Views and e-Portfolio artefacts can be directly linked to Moodle and added to a student’s assessment items within this LMS.

Information related to this comes from Mark Dreshler’s blog post:

and relates to integration between Moodle 1.9 and Mahara.

This would be a valuable integration tool to use when the ACS Education Moodle is upgrades, as a direct integration could be achieved for this topic in the PICT module.


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