Posted by: marggran | August 8, 2010


A simple description for an e-portfolio as provided by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework) is:

“An e-portfolio is a learner-driven collection of digital objects demonstrating experiences, achievements and evidence of learning. E-portfolios provide learners with a structured way of recording their learning experiences and work history. E-portfolios can be developed quickly and easily in the workplace to capture live evidence through the use of mobile phones and point-of-view devices, and can include a range of digital evidence such as audio, video, photographs and blogs.”

A great deal of research and activity during the last three years has centred around the use of e-portfolios to support learner activity, especially in the VET sector.  A wealth of resources directly related to this activist is to be found on the Framework’s E-Portfolio Business Activity website.

The eportfolios Australia Conference will be held in Melbourne of 3-4 November 2010.

I have submitted a proposal to showcase 2 examples of the use of Mahara as an e-portfolio tool:

  • the activities being undertaken by Cemons Skills Centre in using Mahara to develop student portfolios of work undertaken in the workplace
  • the activities associated with the Australian Computer Society’s PICT Program as part of the professional internship undertaken by post-graduate international IT students in preparation for placement in the Australian workforce.

Future blogs in this space will bring together information and resources in preparation for this presentation.



  1. Yes, but the two examples you cite are hardly ePortfolios. Where is the peer-review or mentoring? Where are the feedback tools or reflection on learning?

    I’d love to chat with you further.

    See my links via my blog.

    Kind Regards,
    Ray T

    • Hi Ray
      Thank you for your response. As you say, the links I have provided are not e-portfolios in themselves, they were simply links to the organisations that are currently using Mahara as their e-portfolio application. I intend to build a description of each of these uses and provide some reflection on their usage as I prepare my presentation of these two case studies. The blog is merely a space for putting my musings into substance.

      As this presentation is one showcasing these 2 case studies, a peer review is not required in this instance. Hopefully, discussion and useful feedback will result at the conference.

      Kind regards

      Margaret G

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