Posted by: marggran | August 16, 2010

E-Portfolios Supporting RPL

Research undertaken on behalf of the Australian Flexible Learning  Framework investigated the use of e-portfolio systems to support the gaining of formal recognition of existing skills through RPL processes in the VET sector.

Key findings from this report E-portfolios for RPL Assessment include:

  • Digital evidence can be easily captured, uploaded, organised and identified on a dynamic and ongoing basis within an e-portfolio environment.
  • E-portfolios support ongoing dialogue between RPL candidates and assessors, allowing assessors to view and provide advice on evidence as it is generated.
  • E-portfolios are particularly useful where geographical or time differences prohibit face-to-face or real-time communication or validation of evidence.
  • E-portfolios have many benefits beyond the RPL process, including: building a skills profile; supporting identified gap training; and managing workplace performance, through recognising, rewarding and reclassifying employees.

A summary of some of the recommendations of this report include:

  • Investigating the benefits of generating ‘live’ workplace or work ready evidence, through capturing an individual’s job tasks via audio recording, video recording or point of view devices
  • Providing professional development and support resources to enable e-portfolio usage in the RPL process. This research identified that e-portfolios can provide an effective mechanism to support COAG’s RPL initiative,aimed at building RPL quality and good practice for VET.

The Cemons project was developed to implement this use of e-portfolios as a tool in recording and gathering evidence of achievement in the workplace by hairdressing apprentices and trainees using Point of View (POV) camera and recording devices.  Cemons Skills Centre staff are also developing and providing professional development support for their workplace assessors in the use of these tools to support both the RPL and ongoing assessment of their students.


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