Posted by: marggran | October 20, 2010

Moodle Updates

At the Moodle Meetup held in Adelaide in early September, Julian Ridden aka Moodle Man, gave us an overview of some of the new features that will be available in Moodle 2.

These include new enhancements such as:

  • a new text editor to replace the current one, which will among other things, recognise Word documents and remove the embedded HTML code that currently requires manually removing
  • a new centralised file repository – centralised to each institution or instance of Moodle rather than to each module
  • a means to link to files that are stored in external repositories such as Google, Flikr, YouTube and others
  • an further integration with Mahara
  • the ability to provide conditionals for both linear and adaptive flow of activities
  • many more…

It is planned to also provide support for the integration of the popular Book module, which is not currently part of the default Moodle, but is heavily used by Moodle developers.

The MasterClass also provided some great ideas for using many of the current features of Moodle to make both the content and activities much more user-friendly and learner-centred.  As  result, we have been able to update our current Innovations Project Pilot Course to incorporate an easier navigation system and more user-friendly links to content and activities.

A later day’s workshop and hints provided by Stephan Schmidt from the SA Framework showed our CTC group some shortcuts to creating useful templates and pages for current Moodle courses we are developing.

Stephan also introduced us to the Group feature, which needs further looking into, as this could be a great organisational tool for large and dispersed classes (both in time and location), all accessing the same material.


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