Professional Services

Professional Services
Margaret Granger
Supporting Online Business and e-Learning

ABN:  95 791 396 479

Professional Services:

  • Support and mentoring for individuals and organisations getting into e-learning
  • Support and mentoring for businesses in using online technologies to support their business
  • Seminars and workshops in using online tools for business and e-learning
  • Support in designing and developing an e-learning business plan
  • Facilitation for online meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Support and training in facilitation of virtual classrooms


  • Workshops in use of Web 2.0 tools and technologies – customised to the user
  • Online seminars in Web 2.0 tools – using a virtual classroom
  • Support, training and mentoring in the use of Moodle and Mahara tools
  • One-on-one support and training

Contact Details:

Margaret Granger
Online Business and e-Learning Consultant
M: 0408 814106
S: marggran


Consultancy/Mentoring:  $120 for initial hour, then $100 per hour
Webinars: $350 per hour
Workshops: $650 half-day, $1,200 full day (travel costs negotiable)


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